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The Lincoln Parish Geographic Information System Commission (collectively “the Constituent Members”) is a cooperative endeavor by eight local governmental agencies, consisting of the City of Ruston, the Lincoln Parish Assessor, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury, the Lincoln Parish Communications District, the Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District #1, the Lincoln Parish Sheriff, the Lincoln Parish Clerk of Court, and the Lincoln Parish School Board.


The data presented on this website are not survey products. The information is derived from the Commission and the Constituent Members’ databases, for informational purposes only. The data serve only as duplicates or copies of the original source data, and do not take the place of a legal survey or other original source documentation. The data presented on this website may not represent nor be used to determine, certify, or verify if a parcel is a qualifying or exempt property. For example, this data may not be used to verify that a parcel of land is or is not in the floodplain or in a particular Zoning category. Users of this website are hereby notified that the appropriate Constituent Members should be consulted for verification of the information presented here.


The data have been compiled by and are being used by the Commission and the Constituent Members for the express purposes of fulfilling their mandated public duties. The Commission and the Constituent Members claim all privileges and immunities afforded under the law. The User accepts the data "as is", with no guarantee or warranty of accuracy, currency, completeness, or fitness for any use. No oral or written information or advice given by the Commission or the Constituent Members shall create a warranty, nor shall the fact of distribution constitute any such warranty.


The User waives any and all responsibility of the Commission and the Constituent Members, explicit or implied, for any damage or liability caused through the use of the data in any way. The Commission and the Constituent Members shall not be liable for any occurrence or activity relating to the data, including, but not limited to: lost profits, the fitness of the data for a particular purpose, the installation of the data, or the results obtained from use of the data.


Individuals or companies may download maps on this website and may reproduce the information for internal use. The sale of data on this website is prohibited.



Lincoln Parish GIS District and DataScout have partnered to provide greater access to the parish sponsored property records.


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